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To serve the spiritual, educational and social needs of the muslim community.


To maintain and continously promote islamic consciousness as a way of life.


Hasanah Mosque was built by Jurong Town Corporation at the present location in replace of several mosques and surau that were acquired from 9 Southern Islands by Singapore Government for the Industrialization and Economics development.


Hasanah Mosque Management Board with the support of the Muslim Community in Teban and Pandan Gardens appeal to MUIS to rebuilt the mosque which look archaic compared to the extensive development of Housing Development Board Flats around the vicinity of the mosque. MUIS could not support the application because Mosque Building Fund were meant for the development of new mosques only.


An appeal was then made to Minister-in-charge of Muslim affairs and with the grace of Allah on 16 April permission was granted by the Minister for Community Development on condition that MMB have to raise the fund for the project.


After raising S$1.4 million, the first foundation was laid denoting the commencement of the rebuilding project on 29 September. The dome was removed before the mosque was demolished. On 18 October, ceremony of planting the crags was held.


On 30 March, eve of Hari Raya Idil-Fitri, several classroom on the second storey were on fire unexpectedly. According to the police the fire were caused accidentally by 3 boys under the age of 12 years old. The damaged was quite extensive and it cost us S$350,000.00 to repair it. After more than four years of construction, on December, Temporary Occupation Permit was granted by Building Control Division (BCD). The project was 2 years over scheduled by unforeseen circumstances and shortage of funds. MUIS and 13 mosques gave moral and material support by extended a loan of S$760,000.00 We were much obliged to the Muslim community for their unrelentless support until we managed to repay the loan.


MMB were facing multifaceted tasks and with perseverance, dedication , team commitment with the support of the Muslim community and with the grace of Allah, Hasanah Mosque was finally officially opened on 19 May (1 Muharram 1417 H). It cost S$6,000,000.00 and 7 years of fund raising effort.


Junainah Bte Kasmuri

Senior Head, CSD


Ustaz Md Shawafi

Executive Officer (Operation)

Adayu Bte Buang

Executive Finance






Ustaz Md Badrussalam

Imam Executive (MRO)

Suhana Bte Salleh

Kindergarten Principal

Ustazah Asiah Bte Awang

aLIVE Administrator

Ustazah Rima Abd Jabar

aLIVE Coordinator

Siti Nur Atikah

Assistant Executive (Finance & Admin)

Syamsul Arifin

Assistant Executive (Maintenance)

Ustaz Md Farid Bin Ya’acob

Assistant MRO

Nazrinah Bte Abd Nazir

Admin Assistant

Kamsani Bin Kayat

Senior Mosque Maintenance

Samsi Bin Ahmad

Mosque Assistant

Hassanah Bte Amat

Part-Time Mosque Assistant

Norisah Bte Abu

Part-Time Mosque Assistant

Md Zinan Bin Sulaiman

Night Security Guard

Md Yassin Bin Ibrahim

Night Security Guard

Suhana Bte Salleh

Kindergarten Principal




Siti Nur Ain Bte Norman

Nursery Teacher




Nur Syahirah Bte Abd Rashid

Kindergarten 1 Teacher




Norashidah Bte Mohd Shah


Kindergarten 2 Teacher






Kindergarten Assistant

Ustazah Asiah Bte Awang

aLIVE Administrator

Ustazah Rima Abd Jabar

aLIVE Coordinator

Ustazah Nadiah Bte Ithnin

aLIVE Quranic Literacy (AQL) Teacher

Ustazah Aishah Bte Selamat

Kids 1 aLIVE Teacher

Ustazah Siti Nur Aishah Bte Rosle

Kids 2 aLIVE Teacher

Ustazah Adilah Bte Anwar

Kids 3A aLIVE Teacher

Ustazah Sarah Noor Ain

Kids 3B aLIVE Teacher

Ustazah Jannah Bte Johari

Kids 4 & Tweens 2 aLIVE Teacher

Ustazah Raihan Bte Ibrahim

Tweens 1 aLIVE Teacher

Ustazah Maslinda Bte Leman

Tweens 3 aLIVE Teacher

Ustaz Azmi Rabani

Tweens 4 aLIVE Teacher

Ustaz Maznan Bin Haron

Teens 1 & Youth 1 aLIVE Teacher

Ustaz Muhammad Syakirin Abd Aziz

Teens 2, 3 aLIVE & AQL Teacher

Ustaz Md Shawafi

Executive Officer (Operation)

Ustaz Md Badrussalam

Imam Executive (MRO)

Ustaz Md Farid Bin Ya’acob

Assistant MRO

Kamsani Bin Kayat

Senior Mosque Maintenance

Samsi Bin Ahmad

Mosque Assistant

Md Hadi Bin Rosli

Imam & Bilal Waktu

Nasrul Hakim Bin Md Jamal

Imam & Bilal Waktu

Haji Suhaimi Bin Sujai

Imam & Bilal Waktu

Haji Md Shafii Bin Md Arif

Imam Waktu

Haji Sharif Bin Ibrahim

Imam Waktu

Haji Rahman Bin Malim

Imam Waktu

Haji Saleh Bin Hussain

Imam Waktu

Haji Noh Bin Haroon

Imam Waktu

Haji Jasmin Bin Yusoff

Bilal Waktu

Haji Omar Bin Mohamed

Bilal Waktu

Haji Sarman Bin Jurimy

Bilal Waktu

Nur Azril Bin Zakaria

Bilal Waktu

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The Corporate Service Department is  the skeletal for Hasanah mosque. It provides the  support and ensure the smooth sailing of all the departments of the mosque. It is our intention to provide good services to the general public.


Provide good services. To serve and assist all departments in the mosque.


To lead a sound financial management. To practice accurate, transparent and effective handling of monies.



Menjana masyarakat yang berdaya tahan.


Mengukuhkan Iman, menghidupkan budaya Ilmu dan membuahkan Ihsan .




Welcome to Hasanah Mosque Kindergarten. We believe that parents are partners in children’s learning and together we work to see our children’s growth and learn to achieve the best potential in all areas of his/her development which includes physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development.

Our Philosophy

Children are Allah trust to us. Our believe is to provide a healthy foundation within nurturing environment that contributes to total development of a child through proper and appropriate education.


• Focusing on the child’s total development

• Nurturing the ability to think creatively, imaginatively and analytically

• Following developmentally appropriate practices

• Inculcating the Islamic ways of live base on the Quran and Sunnah

Our Goal

To tap children’s learning to the zone of proximal development in the areas of Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Spiritual attributes.

To develop fine and gross motor skills through Physical Education and Music & Movement.

To develop an understanding on how children react, think and make sense of their world.

To develop positive interactions, attitudes and communication skills so as to enhance children’s self-confidence, self esteem and co-operation among others.

To develop understanding on the Islamic value and inculcate Islamic ways to live base value on the Quran & Sunnah.

Operation Hours

Day Session Class Time
Monday to Friday A NA, K1A, K2A 8:00am – 11:00am
Monday to Friday B NB, K1B, K2B 11:15am – 2:15pm



In the 3 hours program, the children are exposed to various activities that support teacher facilitates/child initiated learning. Language is exposed through storytelling, dramatization, Music & Movement, Computer lesson for K1 and K2 and reading/storytelling. Series of Malay & English readers are used apart from PM starter. Children are exposed to hands on activities such as making of sandwiches, fruit kebab/salad and etc. The activities are done as part of the reinforcement towards the theme taught.

Curriculum Approach To Learning

Our approach to learning focuses on the important role of teacher as a facilitator , observer, mediator providing a rich and conducive environment. Learning centre in a classroom are as follows:

  • Dramatic centre
  •  Language Centre
  •  Art & Craft Centre
  •  Math Centre
  •  Block Centre
  •  Manipulative Centre
  •  Science Centre


Apart from that we focuses on:

  • Hands-on activities
  • Field trips/Excursion
  • Integrated theme approach
  • Creative Expression
  • Incidental Learning





To foster the life long learning culture based on the islamic moral values.


Center for exemplary islamic students who are dynamic and progressive.


  • Faith & Practices (Aqidah & Fiqh)
  • Character & Life Skills (Akhlaq)
  • Social & Civilizational Islam (Sirah & Tarikh)
  • Quranic Literacy (AQL & Quran)
  • Practical Solat
  • Field Trip

Operation Hours

Day Session Class Time
Saturday Morning TW,1 TW 2, TW3 8:00am – 11:00am
Saturday Afternoon K1, K2, K3A, K4 11:30am – 2:30pm
Sunday Morning K3B, TW4, TN1, TN2 8:00am – 11:00pm
Sunday Afternoon TN3, TN4, Youth 1 11:30am – 2:30pm





Encourage and educate the youth of their importance as leaders in their lives, develop their potentials and add with proper tools to be a good muslims and individuals.


To have a resilient youth that abide to the teachings of Al-Quran and As-Sunnah.


To catalyst leadership potential and qualities among muslim youth. To cultivate Ihsan in oneselves. To inculcate knowledge and experiences through event management.

Outreach Programme

Blaster Tournament (Team Building), Bi-Monthly Qiyamulail, Motivational Camp for our youngsters & awareness program for youth.



The department is tasked to recruit, manage, deploy and develop pool of volunteers who are the key contributors in many of Mosque’s activities and functions. We also aim to make it a vibrant community who are also sensitive to the needs of others.


Desire to make a difference.


To implement more holistic intervention for the people in need so as to improve their quality of life.

Befriender Scheme

The purpose of the befriender scheme is to alleviate the challenges of Zakat recipients, including low-income families, elderly members, individual with disabilities and members with chronic illnesses by offering emotional support, comfort, encouragements and friendship.

Responsibility and Activities

  • Work in partnership with the Social Development Officer (SDO) at respective SD-Lead Mosque
  • Maintain and protect confidentiality of the clients
  • Provide psycho-emotional support to the clients
  • Participate in training and development programmes
  • Support cluster and mosque programmes and activities


Qualities & Trainings


  • Passion for working with the underprivileged
  • Understanding of confidentiality and empathy with the needs of clients
  • Desire to make a difference
  • Reliable and patient
  • Commited
  • Compassion
  • Humility
  • Integrity


  • Orientation & Fundamental Training
  • Intermediate Training
  • Advanced Training


Be a Befriender

If you are interested to join us and be part of the team to contribute to the society, or if you wish to know more details, please contact our Social Development Officer (SDO) at 6561 7990.



Jejak Perjalanan Menuju Ilahi 2015

Tanyalah Mufti 2015


Hasanah Fiesta 2014

Kursus Jenazah II 2014

Kursus Solat II 2014

Kursus Jenazah I 2014

Kursus Solat I 2014

Majlis Haflah Maulidurrasul 2014 & Penyampaian Sijil aLIVE 2013


Majlis Tahlil & Doa Selamat 2013

Salam Aidilfitri 2013

Maulidurrasul aLIVE Madrasah & Kindergarten 2013

For enquires on the rental of facilities in our mosque, kindly contact us for more detail.

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